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Are You Tired Of Pulling the Government Wagon?


December 31, 2015 By: bob Category: Humor

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Hillary and Donald 1a

America, a country with a population of over 300 million.  Is this the best we can be offered for the most important job in the country?

In this corner we have Hillary Clinton.  A serial purveyor of untruth and the matron of the Clinton Crime Family.  As Secretary of State Hillary left a trail of broken countries and disasters wherever she went.  A legacy of fear and anguish among America’s friends and hope and joy within the ranks of our nations foes. Her husband is a classic abuser of women, some willing and many unwilling (Jennifer Flowers, Juanita Broderick, Monica Lewinsky ad infinitum) and was disbarred from practicing law in Arkansas following a conviction for perjury.

In the opposite corner we have Donald, alias: P T Barnum – The Greatest Show on Earth – Trump.  He who is going to build a 3,000 mile long wall that will rival the Great Wall of China on our Southern Border and let Mexico pay for it with a smile on their face.

Scenario One:  The election is between Hillary and “The” Donald.  Hillary gets 80% of the Democratic vote who hold their noses and vote for her.  The other 20% don’t vote.  Donald gets the enthusiastic  vote of 45% of the Republican vote.  The rest stay home.  Hillary wins. The country continues on the road to destruction.

Scenario Two:  The Republicans run another “Establishment” candidate.  25% of Republicans vote for the Establishment candidate.  The 45% who would have voted for “The Donald” write him in.  The 30% who are sick of the whole thing stay home. Hillary gets 80% of the Democratic vote.  Hillary wins.  The country goes to hell in a handbasket.

Scenario Three:  The Republicans run a “Conservative” candidate who gets 60% of the Republican vote. Half of the 40% who would have voted for Donald stay home and the other half write him in. The other 20% of Republicans (Establishment type) either stay home or sit in a corner somewhere and pout.  Hillary gets 80% of the Democratic vote.  Hillary wins. The Clinton’s are resurrected as a co-presidency and re-invade the White House.  Bill starts interviewing future “Interns”.

The “New Regime” borrows a 100 Billion Dollars from George Soros at 30% interest. The proceeds of the loan are funneled through the Clinton Foundation who take a 10 Billion Dollar “Finders Fee”  and the remainder is used to hire the Trump Corporation to build a wall on our southern border to keep the dwindling number of honest, working American taxpayers from fleeing and becoming undocumented immigrants in Mexico.

Post Mortem:  Hillary sells the exclusive television rights to her suddenly found “Lost Emails” to MSNBC for 100 Million Dollars.

Hillary wins.  The Democrats win.  The Donald wins.  Mexico wins.  “A Grand Slam”.

As good as it gets!


Dateline: March 9, 2016

It appears as of this writing that of the Scenarios I spelled out on December 31, 2015 the most likely to come to pass is Scenario One.  However it is just possible (call it an “inside straight” in Poker terminology) that another outcome might occur.  Let’s call it…..

Scenario Four:  Hillary finds herself in an orange jump suit (finally) and goes to jail.  The Republican Party continues its Kamikaze attacks against the “Trumpster”, commits suicide and becomes a footnote in the dustbin of history.  Our current President decides that for the good of the country he must cancel the upcoming election and with his pen and phone uses an Executive Order to declare himself “El Presidente For Life”.  America becomes a Banana Republic which drowns in a Tsunami of ever increasing public debt.

As good as it gets 2.0!

Bob Bandy



December 28, 2015 By: bob Category: Something To Think About

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“Giving Money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys”.  P.J. O’Rourke – Civil Libertarian

Stop and think about it.  Name me any government department or program that is both cost effective and produces promised results in a timely way.

The Post Office?  They run deficits in the Billions every year.  The politicians and unions won’t let them do the things needed to end the red ink.

The “War on Poverty”?  Since introduced by Lyndon Johnson the government has spent Trillions of Dollars  on a program that has increased the percentage of our population living in poverty to a level greater than when the program started. Most/many of the recipients living on anti-poverty programs feel angry, frustrated and without hope. This noble sounding program has also seriously damaged the American Family. A large portion of its annual budget is spent on a vast, bloated unionized bureaucracy which provides lifelong salaries, pensions and healthcare for its government employees while doing little to help the “poor”.

Public School System?  Well intentioned teachers find themselves trapped in a system designed to promote political correctness over education and whose main goal is more about empire building and power by its Union Leaders than educating the nations youth.  A large portion of the nations education budget is spent on bureaucracy and administrative costs. In the meantime we are producing “graduates” who often cannot read or fill out an employment application.

The Military?  Not very cost efficient but the most powerful military in the world yet the politicians and current regime in charge micromanage our Military and will not let them do the things needed to win over our enemies.  Instead, our “government”  spent Five Hundred Million Dollars training five (or was it seven) Syrian “Freedom Fighters”  who have all since disappeared.  Poof!

Social Security, Bankrupt.  Medicare, Bankrupt.  Amtrak, Deficits.  I could go on and on.

It is not so much that government is inherently evil but that it is just inept, clumsy and more interested in a political agenda and power than it is in providing common sense workable solutions for its people.

Let us consider our governments ability to manage the nations “family” budget.

As a nation we are soon to be Twenty Trillion Dollars in debt.  When interest rates return to what is  more customary and usual, say 5%, it will take One Trillion Dollars a year just to pay the interest on the nations debt. With anticipated 2015 government revenues of 3.18 Trillion Dollars it would take over 30 percent of the governments income just to pay the interest on the debt.   If interest rates were to go to 7.5% or 10% or more (the Jimmy Carter years) – you do the math.

Have we already gone over the cliff?

Bob Bandy



October 20, 2015 By: bob Category: On Bob's Mind, Something To Think About

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Monument valley 1a


As I get older I find myself reflecting on my life and the things I have found to be true.  Many of these truths I discovered by observation and many I have learned the hard way, through experience.  The following are in no particular order.

1.  It is human nature throughout history to want to act irresponsibly without negative consequences.  But, there are always consequences.  The hardest person to forgive is me.

2.  Success in life’s endeavors most often follows self discipline.  Including hard work and responsible behavior.

3.  The Native American Indian made the mistake of believing Government promises.

4.  We do not truly appreciate what we have not worked for.

5.  Core values are essential to inner peace and harmony.

6.  A loving family and true friends are more valuable than gold or silver.

7.  We humans often do not want to hear the truth if it is unpleasant.  “I have given up my search for truth and now seek a good fantasy.”

8.  Creating dependency destroys lives.  Whether the dependency is for drugs or a handout.  That is why the nations parks have signs saying “Don’t Feed The Animals”.  It makes them dependent.

9.  Good intentions often lead to bad unintended consequences.  Example:  The War on Poverty.  In 50 years we have spent 22 Trillion Dollars fighting poverty and it is worse today than when we started and we have done great damage to the family unit in the process.

 10.   Never stop being thankful for things I too often take for granted.  The “green pastures and quiet waters” of life. My loving, faithful and long suffering wife.  The laughter and shining eyes of my daughter.  The joy and comfort of good friends.  A warm bed on a cold and rainy night.  Indoor plumbing .

11.  My faith in my Creator.  For “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…..” Psalm 139:14.

12.  And finally, when I find that I am taking myself too seriously,  I look in a mirror.  My Creator also has a sense of humor.

Bob Bandy



August 25, 2015 By: bob Category: On Bob's Mind, Something To Think About

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The end is near

And I saw something else under the sun:

In the place of judgment – wickedness was there,

In the place of justice – wickedness was there.

Ecclesiastes 3:16

     At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 Benjamin Franklin was reported to have been asked by Dr. James McHenry: ” What have we got, a Republic or a Monarchy?”.  To which Benjamin Franklin replied: ” A Republic, if you can keep it”.

     For some time I have been troubled by what I see happening at all levels of our government.  It seems that no matter where I look I see only a thirst for political power.

     I continue to search but find only department after department, agency after agency that have succumbed to the politics of the moment.  The Internal Revenue Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the (in)Justice Department, the “Supreme” Court, ad nauseum.  All seem to be the lap dogs of the ruling political party.

     Freedom, truth and true justice are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.  And this altar is for a god that will never be satisfied.

     I hope for a turning point down the road.  A return to the values my country was founded on.  Faith, personal responsibility, integrity and honor.  It is only a hope.  For now, I fear the darkness that is falling over our land.

     If you read my writings you will find that I rarely quote from the Bible so you will forgive this single verse from the above mentioned Book of Ecclesiastes.  Chapter 3 verse 1 tells us: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

     Has America’s season passed?  It is my prayer that it has not.

Bob Bandy



February 21, 2015 By: bob Category: Humor, Something To Think About

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Last night I dreamed that I was working in the California State Department of Paperwork Reduction.

A wonderful place to work that was a model of diversity.  We had one of every race, creed, nationality, religion, mental and physical handicap and everything else you can imagine.  Even different political parties were represented though it was rumored that the token Republican had not been seen in a while and was possibly in a 24 step recovery program.  This is California after all.

We also had employees whose only job was to act as interpreters for employees engaged in conversations in different languages.

The mission of our department is to reduce the excessive use of paper within California to help in the war against Global Climate Change.  Three Hundred and Fifty, dedicated to the cause employees occupying four floors of a state office building in Sacramento.  Working diligently three, sometimes four days a week depending on holidays, vacations, jury duty, sick leave, comp time etc.

To fulfill our mission our job is to produce a 172 page workbook every year that is to be mailed to every place of business in California.  The title of this workbook is: YOUR PLACE IN PAPERWORK REDUCTION.

Within the information packed workbook will be a snap out set of forms (12 pages) which is to be copied and distributed to every employee at each place of business. Each employee is to fill out the 12 page questionnaire, sign it, copy it and then mail back the original to the California State Department of Paperwork Reduction for tabulation and completion of a 1500 page report which is to be distributed annually to all other State Departments.

In addition a copy of the 1500 page tabulated “Final Report” will be sent to each of the businesses within California who participated.

What could possibly go wrong?  This is government at work.

Bob Bandy



January 01, 2015 By: bob Category: Something To Think About

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Seems every year I want to start out with some new resolutions.  This year I will lose weight.  This year I will spend less and save more. This year I will exercise daily.  Ad nauseam.

What I really should do is see what I have learned in the year past and apply that to making for a happier year to come.

For example, the year past has taught me that looking for real solutions to our nations problems to come out of Washington D.C. is like fishing for supper in a septic tank.

Not to say there are not good, decent politicians.  There are.  But, they are so outnumbered by the clowns, lunatics and criminals that the honest ones do not have a chance.

Washington is an asylum that is being run by the worst of the inmates while the “good ones”  are relegated to aligning the deck chairs on our ship of state while it is sinking in a sea of debt, dependency and political correctness.

When a plurality of the voting population is made up of those who no longer seek the truth but prefer to believe the fantasy  that it is possible get 20 pounds of apples out of a 10 pound sack, Democracy is ultimately doomed.

Too bad there is not a law that requires pictures of our children and grandchildren on our nations credit cards. Public and private.

I think that this year I will resolve to spend a whole lot less time focusing my life around the insanity that rules our nation and more time on minimizing its impact on my life.

I will instead resolve to start the new year by spending my time more profitably fishing  for happiness with my family, friends, faith and neighbors. And, do more good for those I see in need along the way.

Bob Bandy