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Are You Tired Of Pulling the Government Wagon?


February 04, 2018 By: bob Category: Culture, Something To Think About

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I have often been amused at our tendency as a people to create cultural Icons out of some pretty unsavory individuals.  Black Beard the Pirate, Pancho Villa, Billy The Kid, Bonnie & Clyde and more recently, the Clinton Crime Family.  

Coming to us out of the wilds of Arkansas, a state with nearly three million citizens, they have left behind them a trail of abused women, phony cattle and land “deals”, death by “suicide” (Vince Foster – White House Counsel), heart broken interns, perjury, etc. etc.

Remember when Hillary said that she and Bill “Came out of the White House not only dead broke but millions of dollars in debt”.  Her words, not mine.  Ever wonder where all the money came from to turn them into millionaires in just a few short years?

When Port-Au-Prince in Haiti was devastated by a massive 7.0 Earthquake in 1993 over 13 Billion Dollars was pledged to help rebuild the City and surrounding area.  Several Billion of these dollars were “funneled” through the Clinton Foundation to rebuild housing and infrastructure in Port-Au-Prince.  Very little housing was rebuilt and the infrastructure remains a shambles to this day but the money disappeared – “Poof”.

The Clinton Global Initiative is presented as a way to provide aid to Africa for such things as fighting diarrhea and other health problems – a worthy cause.  What little information about the finances of the organization has been made public has shown that less than 10% has gone to actually helping the people of Africa and the rest of the money has been spent on “Administrative” and other costs – translation – funding the Clinton’s lifestyle.  “Poof”.

While Hillary was serving as Secretary of State somehow millions of foreign dollars (Saudi Arabia, Morocco, others) got “donated” to Clinton “Charities” and Bill was paid Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for twenty minute speeches as he traveled, First Class, around the world in a quest to interview new “Interns” for Hillary’s upcoming, “in the bag” Presidency which was being engineered  by the Democratic National Committee (exit Bernie Sanders) and members of upper management at the (in)Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation with the State Department playing a supportive role in the wings.

Everywhere the Clinton’s have been they have left behind broken lives, ruined careers, lies, deception and a talent for evading justice themselves.  In the process they have convinced millions of gullible voters that they “really care”.  They do care.  About themselves.

In my mind we all must take some blame or credit, you choose, for making “Rock Stars” out of those who destroy the lives of others while enriching themselves.  

Still, it troubles many of us how some individuals can live their lives doing things that most of us would not only have our lives and reputations destroyed for doing, but would also find ourselves confined for long prison sentences, while folks like the Clinton’s and their ilk, are hailed as “Celebrities” and “Folk Hero’s”.  

Bob Bandy –

“Just one out of Hillary’s basket of Deplorable’s” 





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