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California Dreaming

January 17, 2018 By: bob Category: Humor

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California dreamin b

This writing is meant to be a humorous look at life in the “new” Progressive California.

It is all true but it is not my intent to offend anyone, or perhaps, it is my intent to offend everyone, myself included, with the goal that we should all learn to laugh at ourselves when we view the results of our “good intentions”.

California is now a “Sanctuary State”, or more accurately a non-state since you cannot have a defined Country or State that does not have borders.  Everyone is now a citizen and you cannot be questioned about where you came from or how you got here.  No papers required.  Criminal history cannot be questioned.  

ISIS Bomb Maker – no documents required!  Drug Cartel Hit Man – You don’t need no “stinking papers”!  North Korean Saboteur – Come On Down!

If you want a practical demonstration of this take down all the fences around your house and allow free access to your yard and belongings.  While we’re at it, let’s also remove all the fences around all of California homes and businesses.  And, let us not forget to do the same for our friends in the Legislatures and all the folks in Hollywood.   Now lets see what happens to the Constitutional concept of “private ownership of private property”.

California is now a State where a prospective employer can be jailed or sued by a prospective employee if they question their immigration status, criminal history, Gender identity or belief in man made global warming.  This same prospective employer can also be sued by their customers if it turns out, for example, an employee has a criminal history and it was not disclosed to customers.

California is now a State where a worker in a Rest Home can be jailed if they address a patient by a gender title which the patient finds offensive on that particular day.  Subject to the patients right to change their gender identity “at will”.

California is a place where, if I wanted to, I could decide to be male on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Female on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  On Saturdays I could decide that I am a gender neutral Martian that is undocumented. No-one would be allowed to even question this, and, if they did I could sue them or have them jailed.  And, as a Martian I am only 44 years old.

The new “Progressive” California is a place where drug testing can be required to get a job to earn money (which will be taxed) but you cannot be drug tested to get “free” money in Public Aid to use as you see fit including spending that money on more drugs.

California is a State where you will not be jailed for stealing as long as you keep the total value of the items you steal to less than $940.  They can write you a ticket/citation but it is only a Misdemeanor and not a Felony.  There have been documented cases of thieves filling up shopping carts with items worth “only” a few hundred dollars and then giving Store Security the finger on their way out of the parking lot.  By the way,  Shopping carts are now “free” in California.  Note the “Citizen” in the photo above at his “residence” on the Streets in San Francisco.

California is the only State where if you steal a gun – worth less than $940 – it is a misdemeanor and you will be given a citation/ticket but if you buy a gun legally and are caught with it in your possession on the street without a State approved “Permit” it is a Felony and you can be given jail time and fines.  “Honest officer – I stole this gun – just give me the citation.”

I could go on with much more but why?  

California!  It’s a wonderful life!

You can’t make this stuff up.



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