Stop Pulling the Wagon

Are You Tired Of Pulling the Government Wagon?

Bob’s Brief Bio

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I am older today than I was yesterday and younger than I hope to be tomorrow. 

Born of a working class family, I began work at twelve in my fathers shop and have worked all my life.  My experiences are varied and a detailed history would fill several pages and most probably prove incredibly boring to the reader.  I frankly cannot envision my life without working in some way, doing somethng.

My wife and daughter are a source of great joy to me and they, together with my faith, provide a foundation and an oasis in my daily life.

I am a student of history and a current events and political “junkie”.  Todays social and economic climate is to me both frightening and humorous.  On one hand I am seriously concerned about the world my child will grow up in.  On the other, I find the antics of many of those in positions of power a kind of pathetic comedy that I try to laugh at rather than cry.  It is less painful. 

Bob Bandy


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